Surface aerators

Surface aeration

Rapid surface aeration
High-speed surface-floating aeration has a special application in wastewater treatment and aerobic lagoons in mixing and mechanically stirring the contents of aeration pools and oxygenating them. The basis of this aeration is the operation of centrifugal pumps. Due to the rotation of the impeller and suction, the existing liquid is pumped upwards at a very high speed from the conical suction duct and is distributed radially to the surrounding environment. Upon mixing and circulation, it increases the contact surface of wastewater with the atmosphere and oxygenation of more aerobic bacteria.
High speed aerator is an ideal and well-constructed device for aeration and mixing of urban and industrial wastewaters and can be used in all weather conditions.The design of this aerator is such that it is possible to connect the impeller directly to the electromotor shaft without the need for a gearbox or gear reducer. The rate of oxygenation of distant surface aerators is about 1.2 to 2.4 kg of oxygen per kilowatt hour of energy. Each aeration device includes a floating structure, suction cone pipe, electric motor, shaft and impeller, rain cap and tow wire to fix the device to the side walls of the sewer. The body and float of the device are made of stainless steel sheet or fiberglass filled with polyurethane foam. The aerator impeller is in the form of a propeller and is fully mechanically adjusted and balanced for working at high speeds. In order to prevent water and moisture from penetrating into the motor winding, the electromotor output shaft is completely sealed by special seals.


The special capabilities of high-speed aerators are:
  • High efficiency of oxygen transfer and absorption
  • Remove the gearbox from the aeration system
  • Ease of installation and repair without the need to drain the sewer
  • Ability to build in a variety of fixed and floating installations
  • Constant performance and uniform efficiency due to changes in water level
  • High corrosion resistance
Surface aerators away
Mechanical surface aerators facilitate the dissolution of air by creating movement in the surrounding wastewater. Low speed aerators use a reducing gear to rotate the rotor. These aerators have a long life due to their low speed.

Some features of aerators are:
  • Ease of installation and execution
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Low cost of complete installation
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High efficiency in oxygen transfer
  • Applicable to corrosive wastewater 
  • Ideal for wastewater treatment

Nilfam long-range aerators are used in various parts of refineries such as lagoons and aeration tanks, and Kashefan Nilfam company produces a variety of aerators with different capacities and at the best prices.
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