Surface aerators

surface aerators

 surface aerators or floating aerators are units that utilize a pump mounted beneath a float that pumps water from the pond into the air or right at the surface. Surface aerators are best for use in shallow ponds and  lakes since the water that is pulled through the pump is taken from right below the surface and therefore offers little benefit to the deep water. Oxygenation using floating aerators occurs when the water that is splashed into the air makes contact with the ponds surface when it comes back down. This interaction allows for the venting of gasses and the transfer of oxygen. surface aerators can also pull double duty. While aerating the pond, they can also create an attractive display that adds visual appeal. However, if aeration is to be the primary function of the unit, it is important to select an aerator that creates a fine mist and a wider display. These types of units allow for greater venting and oxygen transfer as they create more turbulence at the ponds surface


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