Wastewater treatment package for meat products

The process of turning meat into sausage has long been used in large quantities all over the world. The wastewater produced during this process contains a large amount of fat and other organic matter. In addition, when cleaning work surfaces, equipment and tools, a large amount of wastewater is also produced, which is mixed with blood, fat, oil and grease, resulting in high COD and BOD.


 Considering the importance of wastewater treatment and preventing it from entering the environment, wastewater treatment packages, SBR wastewater treatment package, MBBR wastewater treatment package, MBR wastewater treatment package, IFAS wastewater treatment package, grease trap package DAF, CPI degreaser package and API degreaser package, is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment of meat processing.


For example, Kashefan Nifam Engineering Companys DAF degreaser package removes almost all dissolved solids by binding them and draining them through flotation. The MBBR wastewater treatment package includes packing media on which microorganisms grow and decompose the dissolved substances in the wastewater. The use of Nilfams sanitary wastewater treatment packages minimizes the investment and operational costs of setting up and building on site.