SBR Wastewater treatment package 

SBR wastewater treatment packages are a typical activated sludge system that works in time, not in space. In other words, the difference between this technology and the conventional activated sludge system is that SBR performs balancing, biological treatment and sedimentation in one tank using a timed control sequence. While in conventional activated sludge system, these unit processes are carried out using separate tanks.

The performance of the SBR system may be affected by several factors, including the characteristics of the influent wastewater, organic loading rate, carbon source, pH, dissolved oxygen level, Sedimentation ability and temperature.

Advantages of the SBR wastewater treatment package

  1. No need for a settling unit
  2. Flexibility and performance control
  3. Minimum space required
  4. Potential capital cost savings by eliminating secondary settling and other equipment
  5. No need a sludge returns system
  6. High efficiency of removal of organic matter in wastewater


Disadvantages of SBR wastewater treatment package

  1. High level of mechanical complexity in terms of timing and control unit
  2. A higher level of maintenance with more sophisticated controls, automatic switches and automatic valves
  3. Discharge potential of floating or unsettled sludge with effluent
  4. Potential requirement for balancing tank before and after SBR


Application of SBR wastewater treatment package

  1. Parks and residential complexes
  2. Camps, labor construction sites
  3. Schools and educational centers
  4. Hotels and travel centers
  5. Dairy, food, paper industry and....     



The price of the SBR wastewater treatment package

Nilfam Engineering Company is a supplier of SBR wastewater treatment package with the best quality and the most suitable price. The price of the SBR wastewater treatment package of Nilfam Engineering Company depends on things such as the specifications of the incoming wastewater, the volume of the wastewater, the type of the package, the material used in the construction of its components, the type of treatment process, the auxiliary equipment of the package, and the quality of the effluent. Each of these factors has a significant impact in determining the final price of the sewage treatment package.