MBBR Wastewater treatment package 

The MBBR wastewater treatment packages of Nilfam Engineering Company are a bioreactor with a moving bed media. In this process, the presence of the media causes the surface to volume ratio in the aeration tank to increase and therefore the volume of the aeration tank will decrease.

This reduction in the volume of the aeration tank will reduce the cost of manufacturing the Nilfam wastewater treatment package. The advantage of this process is that the media are more resistant to fouling due to mobility and turbulence. The interaction between the media causes the removal and destruction of additional bacteria on the surface of the media. Advantages of MBBR process over conventional activated sludge process include better oxygen transfer, shorter hydraulic residence time, higher organic loading rate, higher nitrification rate and more surface area for mass transfer.


The removal kinetics of wastewater organic matter in the MBBR wastewater treatment package strongly depends on their concentration in the wastewater. In low concentrations of organic substances, the removal rate of organic substances is limited due to their low concentration, while in high concentrations, the removal of organic substances is limited by the rate of wastewater distribution on the media. Therefore, with the increase in wastewater concentration, the removal kinetics becomes independent of the wastewater concentration and depends on the rate of wastewater spreading on the media.


Advantages of the MBBR wastewater treatment package

  1. No need to return the activated sludge from the secondary clarifier to the aeration tank
  2. Reducing the size of the aeration tank and the required land
  3. Reducing the amount of loading on the secondary sedimentation tank
  4. Absence of bulking phenomenon in secondary sedimentation ponds
  5. High nitrification power in wastewater with low pollution load
  6. Less equipment needs to be maintained
  7. low implementation and maintenance costs
  8. High quality effluent
  9. Easy operation
  10. The required energy is less due to the shorter residence time of the aeration tank
  11. Disadvantages of the MBBR wastewater treatment package
  12. fouling aeration diffusers
  13. High cost of media preparation
  14. Weaker property of sedimentation of floc in the effluent compared to the activated sludge process
  15. The need for high dissolved oxygen to carry out the nitrification process, especially in high temperature wastewaters


Application of MBBR wastewater treatment package

  1. Wastewater treatment of residential complexes and houses
  2. Wastewater treatment of schools, administrative and educational centers
  3. Wastewater treatment of hotels, restaurants, airports
  4. Wastewater treatment of hospitals and pharmaceutical companies
  5. Wastewater treatment in urban, rural areas, camps and workshops
  6. Wastewater treatment of various industries such as food, dairy, oil, chemical, etc.


The price of the MBBR wastewater treatment package

Nilfam Engineering Company is a supplier of MBBR wastewater treatment package with the best quality and the most suitable price. The price of the MBBR wastewater treatment package of Nilfam Engineering Company depends on things such as the characteristics of the incoming wastewater, the volume of the wastewater, the type of the package, the material used in the construction of its components, the type of treatment process, the auxiliary equipment of the package, and the quality of the outgoing wastewater. Each of these factors has a significant impact in determining the final price of sanitary wastewater treatment package and industrial wastewater treatment package.