MBR wastewater treatment package

 MBR wastewater treatment package is one of the processes of biological wastewater treatment by aerobic method. Conventional treatment systems have a wastewater aeration unit and a secondary clarifier. When wastewater treatment is done using aerobic or anaerobic biological processes, the stability of the system and the quality of the treated water usually depend on the separation of the remaining sludge at the end of the process. Disposing of a large amount of sludge produced in this process increases the cost.

Normally, the MBR process can be used to solve problems related to activated sludge processes, such as separating sludge from the effluent. In fact, with the wastewater treatment in the MBR wastewater treatment package, the chemical treatment stage and the sedimentation of suspended materials are eliminated. MBR is a combination of bioreactor and membrane, which membrane is connected inside or outside the bioreactor. Wastewater treatment in MBR includes two biological treatment mechanisms inside the bioreactor by the suspended biomass for biochemical reactions (for example, biological oxidation, nitrification and denitrification) and the physical treatment process by the membrane.


Polymers such as polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinylidene fluoride are the materials used in the construction of the membrane in the MBR wastewater treatment package. In membrane systems, depending on the average size of the existing particles, 4 types of membranes are used: microfilter, ultrafilter, nanofilter, and reverse osmosis. In MBR wastewater treatment packages, two types of microfilter and ultrafilter membranes are usually used as membranes with low fouling potential due to the smaller pore sizes compared to other types of membranes.


Membrane fouling is the biggest challenge in the widespread use of MBR, which is the result of physical and chemical interaction between the membrane and the components of the liquid mixture. Membrane fouling occurs due to unfavorable binding between suspended particles, microorganisms and colloids in MBR on the membrane surface and/or inside the membrane pores. Membrane fouling leads to a decrease in membrane permeability during filtration and as a result increases its resistance to flow and increases operating costs due to fouling control strategies such as aeration and the use of chemicals for membrane washing.


Advantages of MBR wastewater treatment package

  1. High quality of effluent
  2. Full control over SRT and HRT
  3. Low space requirements
  4. No need for settling ponds
  5. Non-dependence of solids separation quality on the concentration or characteristics of mixed suspended solids
  6. The possibility of designing a system with a long sludge age and as a result low sludge production


Disadvantages of MBR wastewater treatment package

  1. Membrane fouling
  2. Increase in operating costs due to membrane replacement
  3. Need to balancing tank


 Application of MBR wastewater treatment package

  1. Wastewater treatment of all kinds of food production factories
  2. Wastewater treatment of livestock and poultry slaughterhouses
  3. Wastewater treatment of industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, etc.
  4. Wastewater treatment in urban, rural and camp areas
  5. Wastewater treatment of hospitals, hotels, entertainment complexes
  6. Wastewater treatment of schools and educational centers


The price of MBR wastewater treatment package

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