Domestic sewage treatment package

One of the packages made by Kashefan Nilfam Engineering Company is the domestic sewage treatment package. Household sewage includes toilets, bathing, washing dishes, clothes, etc., which contains all kinds of pathogens and pathogenic microbes and relatively little organic content. Despite the low level of domestic wastewater pollution compared to industrial wastewater, their treatment is very important because even a small amount of pollutants can have a great impact on the environment. Therefore, the domestic sewage treatment package plays an effective role in protecting the environment and preventing the reduction of surface and underground water. Sanitary wastewater treatment packages are a pre-made treatment plant made of high-density polyethylene, which provides easy portability and installation. This type of package treats household sewage from 3 to 20 cubic meters per day in a safe and personalized way so that the quality parameters of the output effluent are in accordance with the standards of the environmental organization. Therefore, this wastewater can be reused for purposes such as irrigation of green spaces in residential areas, hotels, environment washing and flash tanks.

The technical knowledge and process used in the Nilfam domestic wastewater treatment package is specific to Kashefan Nilfam Engineering Company and is different from other common processes such as SBR and septic tanks. Also, in order to increase the confidence factor in the quality of the effluent, physical, chemical and biological processes have been used simultaneously in the construction of the sanitary wastewater treatment package and the industrial wastewater treatment package. The sewage in the closed environment produces inedible gases, for this reason, in order to prevent corrosion and raise the safety level, the internal equipment used is not metal and electronic, and as a result, it does not entail the costs of replacing the equipment, maintenance and repairs. Due to the tubular shape and the circular environment of the package, the mixing is done well by the diffuser, and the sewage does not remain in any part of the package, and the collection of sludge is done completely and easily. Therefore, the efficiency of purification and oxygen supply to microorganisms is very high, and after that, the operation of this package is also done easily and does not require an expert person. Nile Pham domestic sewage treatment package in the form of buried, semi-buried and above ground. It can be installed depending on the customers needs and requests, and due to the polyethylene material, it has high resistance to heat, corrosion and sunlight.


Benefits of the domestic sewage treatment package

  • Needs minimal repairs
  • Easy to wash the package
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Easy operation without the need for an expert
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Wastewater output in accordance with the environmental standards of Iran and Europe


Applications of Nilfam household wastewater treatment package

  • Wastewater treatment of towns, residential and office complexes
  • Wastewater treatment of hospitals, health and treatment centers
  • Wastewater treatment of industries, mines, factories and workshops
  • Wastewater treatment of recreational, educational and military centers
  • Wastewater treatment of hotels, passenger and tourist accommodations
  • Wastewater treatment of sports complexes, grass fields of stadiums, swimming pools and water parks
  • Wastewater treatment of universities and scientific-research centers



The price of the domestic sewage treatment package

Kashefan Nilfam Engineering Company is a supplier of gray water treatment package with the best quality and the most reasonable price. The price of the gray water treatment package of Kashefan Nilfam Engineering Company depends on things such as the specifications of the incoming wastewater, the volume of the wastewater, the type of the package, the material used in the construction of its components, the type of treatment process, the auxiliary equipment of the package, and the quality of the outgoing wastewater. Each of these factors has a significant impact on determining the final price of the wastewater treatment package.