EAAS wastewater treatment package

In the EAAS wastewater treatment package, the wastewater enters the aeration tank and is thoroughly mixed with the return sludge. The contents of the aeration tank are called mixed liquids, which usually have a concentration of 1500 to 5000 mg per liter. Sewage is transferred to the sedimentation unit after the aeration stage. During the settling phase, part of the deposited sludge is transferred to the settling unit and part of it is disposed of.

Design parameters of EAAS wastewater treatment package

Important parameters for designing EAAS wastewater treatment package are feed hydraulic retention time, sludge age, volumetric loading rate, feed to microorganism ratio and concentration of mixed suspended solids. Typically, the hydraulic retention time of feed in the wastewater treatment package by EAAS method is 18-36 hours, the age of sludge is 20-30 days, the volume loading rate is KgBOD5 / m3.day 0.4-0.16, the ratio of food to microorganisms is 0.15-0.05 and the concentration of suspended solids The mixture is 1500-5000 mg per liter.

Advantages of EAAS wastewater treatment package

  1. High efficiency in wastewater treatment
  2. Much less sludge produced due to high sludge age (long retention time) and low F / M ratio
  3. Fluid sludge is fully stabilized and no need for digestion and peripheral equipment for digestion of sludge
  4. High quality of treated wastewater
  5. Low need for operator and simple operation
  6. Portability even after installation
  7. Very little time to design and implement this system
  8. No odor emission in all stages of purification
  9. Possibility of any changes during the operation of the system
  10. Compatible with any weather conditions
  11. Resistant to organic shocks due to high volume of wastewater and organic pollutants
  12. Disadvantages of EAAS wastewater treatment package
  13. High energy consumption of aeration equipment
  14. Increasing the cost of building an aeration tank due to its large volume
  15. Produces a lot of sludge
  16. Requires advanced and complementary treatment to remove nitrogen and phosphorus

Application of EAAS wastewater treatment package

  1. Wastewater treatment of cities, villages and camps
  2. Wastewater treatment of medical centers and hospitals
  3. Wastewater treatment of industries such as pharmaceutical, oil, food, dairy and ...
  4. Wastewater treatment at airports, hotels, restaurants
  5. Wastewater treatment of educational centers and schools
  6. Price of EAAS wastewater treatment package

Kashefan Nilfam Engineering Company is the supplier of EAAS wastewater treatment package with the best quality and the most appropriate price. The price of EAAS wastewater treatment package depends on the characteristics of incoming wastewater, wastewater volume, package material, material used in its construction, type of treatment process, package peripheral equipment and output wastewater quality. Each of these factors has a significant impact on determining the final price of the wastewater treatment package.

Package One of the EAAS methods is the modified methods of activated sludge processes whose hydraulic regime is of the complete mixing type. In this package, to reduce the amount of sludge produced, modifications have been made such as removing the initial settling unit, adding a litter unit, increasing the volume of the aeration tank and increasing the hydraulic retention time and age of the sludge. These changes have significantly reduced the amount of sewage sludge and increased the systems resistance to possible and qualitative shocks compared to the quantitative process of activated sludge. The decision-making and sustainability of this system makes it possible to use the EAAS flow package to approve a variety of health and industrial treatments. In this process, the microorganisms remain in the tank for a long time, such as the organic matter in the process is fully used, so the sludge obtained from this method is stable, it loses its water well. It is given and dried.