Gray water treatment package

By using Nilfams gray water treatment package, it is possible to reuse, recycle and recycle 80% of the water used in residential complexes, gardens, villas, apartments, industries, factories, etc. The country will help to reduce these problems. The new Nile Pham gray water treatment packages, with their unique design and process, have advantages such as removing odors, colors and detergents, high efficiency in reducing dissolved solids (TDS) of incoming raw water during recycling, cost-effective along with Economic justification and management are easy and they can be used in all areas that need water.

The gray water purification package of Kashefan Nilfam Engineering Company is used to purify the water obtained from daily washing of houses, the production rate of which is related to the geographical location and the culture of water use, and it is called gray water. The amount of microbial contamination and organic compounds in this type of wastewater is so high that after treatment in the gray water treatment package of Kashefan Nilfam Engineering Company, it can be considered as a resource for reuse. Treatment of this type of wastewater, in addition to reuse, helps to reduce the cost of transportation to treatment plants. Click here to study different gray wastewater treatment technologies. The main difference between gray water and black water or sanitary sewage is the concentration of pollutants. Sanitary wastewater contains a higher concentration of organic matter compared to gray water. Gray water has lower amounts of pathogens and pathogenic microbes, so it can be easily reused for purposes such as watering urban green spaces. For this reason, the gray water treatment package is very vital and efficient for treating and reusing wastewater.

Nilfams new gray water treatment package was selected as the best product of the research and development unit in 2016 at the 15th National Engineering Day Conference among hundreds of designs and products that were presented by this festival.

Advantages of the gray water treatment package

  1. High efficiency in removing detergents soluble in wastewater
  2. Ability to recycle 70 to 80% of water used
  3. Ability to remove odor and color from wastewater
  4. Ability to reduce solids in wastewater solution during recirculation
  5. Disinfection of wastewater using ultraviolet rays
  6. easy driving
  7. Cost-effectiveness with economic justification
  8. Reducing the use of underground aquifers and surface water
  9. Very little sludge production
  10. High output sewage quality

Application of gray water treatment package

  1. Residential complexes
  2. Small communities
  3. Small industries and industrial workshops
  4. Industrial Estates
  5. factories
  6. hospitals
  7. Hotels
  8. Universities
  9. Entertainment-tourist centers
  10. Municipalities
  11. Automatic and mechanical watering of green spaces
  12. Washing the parking lot
  13. carwash
  14. Toilet flush tank
  15. Garden irrigation in agriculture
  16. Irrigation of greenhouses
  17. Cooling systems