Nilfam Engineering Company is active in these fields:

  • Designing and constructing novel packages of wastewater biological treatment through the approach of integrated growth.
  • Designing and constructing novel packages of chemical treatment for industrial wastewater. ( for wastewater of industries)
  • Designing and constructing novel packages of water treatment.
  • Producing the required equipments for water & wastewater treatment plants.
  • Designing the wastewater water distribution networks.
  • Designing and constructing industrial wastewater treatment plants.
  • Designing and constructing water treatment plants.

The other activities of Nilfam engineering company are listed as following;

  • Offering consultation on environmental problems of industries in accordance with the goals of “ministry of national environmental protection”.
  • Consultation , designing snd construction of dust removal packages for the industries.
  • Offering consultation on removing methods of the solid and dangerous wastes.


Total Wastewater Treatment Projects of  Nilfam Engineering Co. (per year)


Capacity of Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 3962075


Capacity of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 2522150


Capacity of Gray Water Projects : 231400


Capacity of Completed Projects  : 6754625

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