.Nilfam Engineering Company with a scientific and operational team of experts and with the approach of protecting the environment has started its activity to enhance the hygiene standards in the societ

.Using the most modern equipment and treatment processes, this company provides the esteemed clients with following services

  1. Construction and implementation of pre-fabricated novel packages of water & wastewater treatment
  2. Construction and assembly of the needed equipment in water & wastewater treatment plants
  3. Design and complete implementation of water & wastewater treatment plants
  4. Finding answers to the problems in existing water & wastewater treatment plants
  5. Design and implementation of industrial treatment plants
  6. Carrying out environmental survey projects
  7. Design and implementation of water supply networks
  8. Design and implementation of wastewater collection networks
  9. Design and implementation of drainage networks
  10. Design, calculation and implementation of concrete and steel structures
  11. Analysis of water & wastewater and determining the most appropriate way of treatment
  12. Design and construction of special FOG removal packages through API, CPI and DAF
  13. Design and construction of several types of water filtrations through advanced nano-filtration (NF), and Ultra-Filtration(UF)
  14. Design and construction of treatment devices for making sea water and brackish water potable through reverse osmosis (RO)
  15. Holding educational courses regarding water & wastewater
  16. Consultation for solving the environmental problems of industries according to EPA (Environment Protection Agency)
  17. Consultation concerning removing methods of the solid and hazardous wastes
  18. Consultation, design, construction and implementation of air pollution removal
  19. Consultation, reform and reengineering of available wastewater treatment plants to meet the standards of EPA