Packing media

The technologies used in adhesive packages are divided into two general categories: grown and suspended growth. Sticky or fixed growth process involves the use of a packing media to attach bacteria to it, the input of which is absorbed and filtered by microorganisms by passing through the packing media. The use of adhesive growth process in aerobic and anaerobic systems by stabilizing microorganisms on the packing and biofilm formation increases the mass to be attached and suspended, while increasing biological consumption reduces the required volume of consumption. The main part in sticky growth processes is packing media. Packing media is a body that is placed inside the reactor and actually serves as a support for the maintenance of microorganisms as well as the contact space between microorganisms and organic matter. Packing media are sheets or parts made of polypropylene or pvc that are resistant to corrosive agents, chemicals, oils and biological materials. Media packing is fixed and floating in two types of classification. Fixed media packing is a substrate used in the IFAS wastewater treatment package for the growth of microorganisms. In the construction of fixed media packing, polypropylene with 95% density is usually used.Suspended media packing is small pieces with sizes of 5 to 10 mm and with a special surface. Suspended media packing due to being free in the environment causes the mixing of microorganisms and wastewater and thus improves the efficiency of wastewater treatment. Suspended media packing is used in MBBR wastewater treatment package.

Materials used in making media packing

In the production of packing media, various materials are used, including activated carbon granules, high-density polyethylene, polymeric materials, polypropylene and plastic media. Among these materials, plastic media have been widely used due to their low weight, high ability to stay suspended, and low corrosion and damage.

Advantages of media packing
  • High special level
  • Low clogging
  • Resistant to chemical corrosive compounds
  • Simple and easy installation and layout
  • The price is right
  • High efficiency of wastewater treatment
  • Reduce the volume of the aeration tank of the wastewater treatment plant and the wastewater treatment package
  • Increase the concentration of suspended solids in the sludge mixture
  • simple design
  • Withstand organic and hydraulic load shocks

Application of packing media

  •  Cooling towers
  • IFAS wastewater treatment package
  • MBBR wastewater treatment package
  • Nitrate removal from wastewater and water
  • Degassing towers
  • Liquid and gas contact towers
  • CPI degreaser package
  • Sedimentation processes in lamellae
Packing media price

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