Dewatering Screw Press

The conditioned sludge flows into the filter chamber from the flocculation tank and is pushed forward the discharging end. With the gap between the thread of the shaft is getting more and more narrow, the pressure on the sludge is getting higher and higher . Then the water is separated from the sludge and flows out from the gap between the moving and fixed plate. The movement of the moving plates and the fixed plates clean the gap between them and prevent the machine from blockage. The filtered sludge cakes are pushed forward by the shaft and finally discharged from the end.

Technology Advantage

  • Improve gravity type to realize efficient concentration of sludge.
  • Flocculation and concentration operating together make dewatering easy.
  • Optimize concentration of orginal sludge for dewatering with intelligent control valve.
  • Fixed plate substituted filter, self cleaning, no clogging, easy treatment of oily sludge.
  • Low speed operation, no noise, low energy consumption, only 1/8 of the belt type machine, the 1/20 of the centrifuge.
  • Reduce the cost of infrastructure investment, improve the results of treatment
  • Saving the cost of sludge thickening tank and other infrastructure and equipment investment.
  • Occupy smaller area, reduce construction investment for dewatering.
  • Fully automatic control, simple operation and management.
  • Integral construction.