Diffused Aerators

Diffused Aerators


Diffused aeration is also referred to as package-bed aeration, bottom aeration, or destratification system. No matter what they are called, they operate in the same manner. Typical systems have an air compressor that has a tube that that connects to a diffuser located at the bottom of the pond or lake. As air is forced down the tubing, the diffuser breaks it up into tiny bubbles that are released into the pond. The bubbling action of the air rising to the surface causing the water to de-stratify, meaning the poor, oxygen deprived water at the bottom of the package is mixed with the oxygen rich water above, causing noxious and harmful gases to be released into the atmosphere. At the surface, where the bubbles break, additional oxygen transfer is made adding to the overall oxygen content of the water.


Total Wastewater Treatment Projects of  Nilfam Engineering Co. (per year)


Capacity of Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 3962075


Capacity of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 2522150


Capacity of Gray Water Projects : 231400


Capacity of Completed Projects  : 6754625

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