Activated Carbon Filters

Activated carbon filter

 Activated carbon has attracted a lot of attention compared to inorganic adsorbents such as zeolite due to its high internal surface area and porous structure, low price, surface reactivation capability, and high adsorption capacity. The active carbon used is a form of carbon whose internal surface has been increased due to processing and can be used in liquid or gas phase. Among the most important applications of this substance in the liquid phase, can mention the treatment of wastewater, absorption of odor, color and turbidity, removal of free chlorine from wastewater in the wastewater treatment package, purification of drinking water, industrial water and aquarium water.

Types of activated carbon filters
According to the size and type of carbon particles, Nilfam active carbon filter is classified into three categories: granular active carbon filter, powdered active carbon filter and block active carbon filter. Due to the high contact surface with the wastewater, the powdered activated carbon filter has the highest efficiency in removing organic substances and clarifying wastewater. Also, due to the large size of the particles, Block activated carbon filter has a higher efficiency than the other two types of activated carbon filters in removing the suspended particles of wastewater.

Advantages of activated carbon filter
  • High absorption efficiency of organic matter
  • Easy installation and management
  • Removal of color and odor
  • Can be made manually and automatically
  • Easy to wash
  • Low operating costs
  • Low depreciation
  • Low maintenance cost
Application of activated carbon filter

  • Sewage treatment plants
  • Wastewater treatment packages
  • Food and dairy industries
  • Dyeing and chemical industries
  • Pre-treatment of industrial and semi-industrial RO water treatment packages
 Activated carbon filter price

Nilfam Engineering Company is a supplier of activated carbon filters with the best quality and the most appropriate priceThe price of activated carbon filters depends on items such as the type of carbon used, the body material and the type of activated carbon filter piping. Each of these factors has a significant impact on determining the final price of activated carbon filtersFor more information, please contact the sales expert