Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated Carbon Filter Vessels are effective in removing chlorine, organic chemicals, tastes and odors, phenols, pesticides, detergents, micro-contaminants, halogenated organic compounds, hydrocarbons and other dispersed contaminants by a carbon "adsorption" process. They are designed to accommodate any flow rate and are easy to operate.

Our Carbon Filter is acknowledged in the market because of its ability to treat different forms of water and complete metal recovery. The quality and service of our filter has elevated us to the ranks of prime Carbon Filter Manufacturers, based in Gujarat.


Efficient Turbidity & TSS Removal

Filtration capacity up to 20 to 30 Microns

Complete metal recovery

Capacity to treat all forms of contaminated water


Filtration of drinking water

Filtration of water for soft drinks

Treatment and refinement of water for brewery

Pretreatment of pure water for manufacturing

Filtration of water for water service

Treatment and filtration of sewage

Removal of odors, tastes and colors from a various kinds of waterActivated Carbon Filters


Total Wastewater Treatment Projects of  Nilfam Engineering Co. (per year)


Capacity of Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 3962075


Capacity of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 2522150


Capacity of Gray Water Projects : 231400


Capacity of Completed Projects  : 6754625

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