The aeration part is the main energy consuThe aeration part is the main energy consumption in treatment plants and wastewater treatment packages and includes about 60% of operating costs. blowers are used in order to supply the required oxygen in the wastewater treatment package. They include two rotors, each of which has a three-bladed curve and rotates without contacting each other and the body. The non-contact of the parts with each other means that there is no need for lubrication.


Components of aeration blowers

Rotors: Depending on the size, they are made of special resistant cast iron or steel and are used for mechanical balancing.
 Gears: made of special steel.
 Bearings: Rotors are held in place by bearings.
 Sealers: It is a set of piston rings that are used to separate the transmission chamber from the tank and oil.
 Cylinders and cylinder heads: they are made of high-quality gray cast iron and do not need a cooling system.


Types of aeration blowers

Aeration blowers are classified according to the type of air transmission system and production pressure and volume into several categories of rotary blowers, centrifugal or side channel blowers, and screw aeration blowers.
The application of blowers

  • Water treatment plants
  • wastewater treatment plants
  • Livestock and poultry slaughterhouses
  • Oil and gas industries
  • Petrochemicals and chemical industries
  • Fish breeding ponds
  • Ceramic tile production factories
  • Charging diesel engines
  • Textile and electroplating industries
  • Paper industry

How to choose the blower

Considering the different types of blowers, it is very important to choose the type of aeration blower suitable for the application because it reduces energy consumption and operational and investment costs. Paying attention to factors such as the final required pressure drop, the amount of the consumers cost, the volume of produced air, the power of the electric motor and the type of gas and liquid used in choosing the appropriate aeration blower is very important.

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