Corrugated pipe

Corrugated pipe

Over  the past several years the specification and use of dual wall HDPE corrugated pipe for storm has increased dramatically based on factors such as the pipes strength, durability, joint integrity and long-term cost-effectiveness.

Results show that forward-thinking municipalities are realizing the future of the storm water management relies on the best technology. HDPE corrugated pipe is manufactured from the highest quality materials and is the most technologically advanced product available to move storm water and wastewater.

HDPE corrugated pipe is the proven, reliable, cost-effective and safe solution for your long-term drainage needs.

HDPE corrugated pipe is a flexible pipe system that performs well in both high cover and low cover applications. Its unique ability to support and distribute live and dead load enables it to meet almost every installation condition.

Silt tight and water tight joints mean that whats inside the pipe stays inside the pipe, and whats outside stays outside. This ensures that communities, citizens, ground water supplies and wildlife safer and more secure in their environment


Total Wastewater Treatment Projects of  Nilfam Engineering Co. (per year)


Capacity of Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 3962075


Capacity of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 2522150


Capacity of Gray Water Projects : 231400


Capacity of Completed Projects  : 6754625

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