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  • 3 new species discovered in Persian Gulf, Sea of Oman
  • Iran, China sign contract to build solar farm in Qom
  • Saffron export rises by 85% in Q1
  • Iran science production shows world’s fastest growth
  • South Pars field export rises by 22%

About Us

Welcome to Nilfam Engineering Co.

Nilfam Engineering Ltd. is an operative company with over 15 years of experience in the field of water and wastewater treatment and has been providing packaged wastewater treatment plants to a broad range of domestic and industrial clients for over 7 years by building and maintaining trusting partnerships. We see our successes as milestones in our development, and in the relationships we establish with our clients, associates, partners, and among staff. To us, success comes from a collaboration of people, ideas, expertise and reward.

At Nilfam Engineering, we provide design, management, and maintenance of the wastewater treatment system at 3 different branches.

  • بنیاد نخبگان
  • شهرک علمی و تحقیقاتی اصفهان
  • Word technopolise association
  • ســازمان پـارک هـای علـم و فنـاوری آســـیا
  • سازمان حفظ و نگهداری محیط زیست
  • سازمان بهره وری انرژی و افزایش ظرفیت برای فرآیندهای تصفیه هوازی

Total Wastewater Treatment Projects of  Nilfam Engineering Co. (per year)


Capacity of Sanitary Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 3962075


Capacity of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants Projects : 2522150


Capacity of Gray Water Projects : 231400


Capacity of Completed Projects  : 6754625

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